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⟐  Tier 1 Abilities  
  ♦ Data Scramble; Protects the conversation between as many as 5 others 5 feet from herself, replacing their voices with sounds from a 25 foot radius. More than 5 creates static, and sounds cannot be replaced with white noise/silence.
⦂  Tier 2 Abilities  
  ☍ As Foam; able to turn into sea-foam for five full minutes to avoid attack, and move in this state. Requires feeding between uses, as using it twice induces fatal fatigue
∴  Tier 3 Abilities  
  ⚟ Immunity to memory loss incurred via death
  ⚟ Ability to 'stop' her breath for 444 minutes, recharging in the Arcade
  ⚟ Teleportation via active Radio devices & imagination
  ⚟ Immediate resurrection via static from televisions or radios
  ⚟ Swim With Me; able to carry another on her back/in her seaweed beneath the water, regardless of their typical limits, for 4 hours
✤  Priest Abilities  
  ⌘ Network access via Mental Thought; includes Audio & Visual funcions.
  ⌘ The ability to stop time, excluding 4th allied persons: 4 min duration.
♤  Other Abilities  
  ✧ Loss of the sensation of 'Hunger'; still requires human energy for occasional sustenance to live; granted as a result of being present for the Conduit Victory of 2017
⟐  Tier 1 Boons  
  ♦ Fiber optics mixed with hair, wool, seaweed, and mountain runes. Colours change according to mood.
  ♦ Death Counter plugin available in the Network; Current Count - 3
⦂  Tier 2 Boons  
  ☍ Protection of a single Neutral character; Currently Tsukikage
  ☍ Modified Fog-form; accessible with sufficient focus during fogs, can only be reversed by lack of fog. Includes mechanized seeming parts.
∴  Tier 3 Boons  
  ⚟ Ultimate room within the Arcade; includes spare bed for neutral guest
  ⚟ Cybernetic Regeneration; Wings are currently mechanized via this boon.
✤  Priest Boons  
  ⌘ An Altered Keycard; bears the image of the suit of clubs, as well as a line of code.
  ⌘ Access to Elias' Chamber; allows Reira to visit with Elias' body and mind at any time.
  ⌘ Hand Marking; covers the left hand in a glove of 'Natural Energy Card' symbols, and glows when near other followers of the Fourth.
♧  Missions  
  ❖ At the Fourth's Request, Reira gave Tsukikage a game token, and tried playing games with him in the Arcade. While it did not convince Tsukikage to their side, he became a protected Neutral.
  ❖ In November 2016, Reira converts Ron to the Fourth, obtaining Tier 3 Status and filling his request for more friends.
  ❖ Under the request of the Fourth God-possibly in reply to her second update prayer-Reira acted as the Conduit of Central Park, successfully corrupting and holding the territory.
  ❖ Wishing to offer Elias a more lively patch of territory, Reira does everything she can to bring it back. It is not enough, and he offers a mission; In return for succeeding, she is named his Priest.
♧  Tier Ups  
  Technically Recruited August 5th 2015 by Yuugo, Reira joined of her own volition after praying to the Fourth God by September 7th.
  ❖ Under the effects of hunger during the Adept period of God Boons, Reira Killed and 'Sacrificed' Tsukikage, achieving 'Adept' Status on November 11th.
  ❖ As of June 20th, 2016, the God Boons switch over took effect, converting Reira to a Tier 2 follower of the Fourth.
  ❖ Following Reira's switch from Wendigo to Kelpie, Elias adjusts her abilities to better suit.
  ❖ From November 2016 through to the following Summer, Reira was considered Tier 3 due to her actions for the Fourth God.
  ❖ As of July 2017, Reira has attained the rank of Priest.
♧  Devotive Habits  
  ❖ While a Wendigo, Reira would make sure to share at least one meal with Elias every night in the Arcade, bringing in a full plate of food and leaving it for him on the table..
  ❖ Reira now recounts her day every evening to Elias, before her curfew kicks in-both through audio, but also their network connection. She continues to use her notebooks to keep a journal of what she deems important he know, or what he told her.
  ❖ Often, she will make him gifts-such as christmas presents. She also has made a habit of visiting his chamber for 'important' conversations.
♧  Prayer Threads  
  During a period of weakness for the Fourth, the doors fail to open reliably, prompting Reira's prayer.
  ❖ Reira seeks comfort in the Fourth God semi constantly, particularly after canon updates involving Reiji.
  In asking the Fourth God what they can do, Elias requests that she make as many friends for Elias as possible, leaving his current friend's squabbles to him.
  ❖ Reira treats Elias as a friend, offering Christmas Gifts now that it's a tradition for her. It is during this time that he gave her her first notebook and pencil set.
  A second canon update prayer, which ends with her declaration of proactive devotion to the Fourth.
  ❖ In light of the second Fourth Wall, Reira offers Elias support. Later, she asks about Silent Forest.
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Reira Akaba
CARNIVAL JOB: Animal Keeper/Thief
JOINED: Summerlands (Post-Portland)


1ST CONTRACT: Zarc's soul and existence spared, and given a new chance to reincarnate.

CONTACT: [ profile] usagisquared
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FREQUENCY: 141.44144
DESCRIPTION: Sometimes Reira takes a minute to answer, since she sometimes knocks the volume dial too far, and anyone shouting through it hurts her ears.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door
DESCRIPTION: It's a rather simple mailbox that was already built into the trailer. Reira checks it every day! (since you're supposed to, apparently)
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Name: Usagi
Contact: [ profile] usagisquared
Other Characters: Carly, Gongenzaka both of whom deeeefinitely make plenty of AC.

Character Name: Reira Akaba
Age: 7
Species: Human
Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Canon Point: Ep. 141, when she's...Somewhere in the void.
Character Info: SO. Both wikis have proven themselves inadequate here. One is a horrible chaotic mess of fanon and dub-info that misses a number of key chunks. The other is just illegible (And STILL misses key chunks). I don't want to link that. You don't want to read that.

So here's the Better history (and handily split into arcs just like any wiki would)


Reira was born in an unknown country that according to Himika Akaba had been ravaged by war for decades of time. While it's unknown what happened to her family, it's presumed they died-a theory that's only helped by the fact that when she was taken by the soldiers in the area as a child, she was alone in a ruined house, with an equally ruined stuffed bear.

For an unknown amount of time-presumably at least a year-Reira was forced to assist the soldiers with various tasks, and the trauma forced her to detach herself from all emotion in order to protect herself. As a side effect, she became able to obey nearly any order with absolute skill and zero hesitation-something that attracted Himika to her.

Himika would adopt Reira in order to use her as a weapon, intending to take advantage of the child's 'emptiness'. She would use a device to literally program dueling skill and technique into Reira, and it is following this that she was presented to Reiji as the 'ultimate weapon' against Academia.

(Reiji was kinda disturbed by this, go figure)

From this point on, though interactions were clearly awkward, it's implied that Reiji made an effort to show some form of approval toward her-something that started to elicit emotional response in turn.

Maiami Championship Arc

Reira was briefly seen attending the opening ceremonies of the tournament, holding her bear for comfort. She would later be more formally introduced as LDS' only participant in the Junior League of the tournament, facing Ayu Ayukawa. Initially afraid to duel at all, she would catch her mother's stare from the windows above, immediately locking into a robotic state and beginning her match. She would then duel within that state until drawing a card gifted to her from Reiji; upon realizing that he was watching, Reira grew more dedicated to the duel, and shortly after defeated Ayu using fusion summons. Reiji later praised her for the match, and in response to him placing his hand on her head, she became visibly at ease.

Reira continued to rise through the tournament, defeating Futoshi using Synchro Summoning. She also witnessed various parts of the Junior Youth Tournament that Yuuya participated in while standing at Reiji's side, growing incredibly nervous during Shun and Sora's match in particular; a match that Reiji told her to watch close, as the duelists involved were from opposing sides of the already waging dimensional war.

Reira would later be seen alongside her mother, while the Junior Youth Battle Royale was being conducted. The two encountered Shuzo Hiragi and the three children (Ayu, Futoshi, and Tatsuya) attempting to leave the stadium; after warning them that doing so during the Battle Royale would be dangerous due to the Solid Vision Holograms currently coating the surrounding area, Himika would observe that Tatsuya's final match would be coming up-a match against Reira. Her hand would clutch Reira's shoulder in this moment, causing the girl great distress-something the others noted and grew uncomfortable about.

Following this, Reira would experience her final match within the Junior Championship, dueling Tatsuya and defeating him using Xyz summons. Tatsuya would congratulate her, and from there remark that her ability to utilize multiple summon techniques within her deck was a skill comparable to Reiji himself. She would smile in return, and thank him, before returning to reunite with Himika.

Himika would prepare for them to meet with Reiji-however, instead they would find that Reiji had gone outside to conduct a duel with Yuuya, leaving the pair to watch.

Synchro Dimension Arrival

A few days after the tournament finish, Reiji would take the finalists of the Junior Youth tournament together in order to form the Lancers. He would introduce Reira as their final member, causing many of the members (whose ages ranged from 14 to 16 including Reiji himself) to express concern; not only that a child would be coming to fight in a war, but that she would become a hindrance. Though Reira briefly moved to leave, her brother would insist that her presence was absolutely vital, before going on to explain that they were travelling to the Synchro Dimension first instead of the XYZ dimension-the goal being to gather allies before conducting battle.

Using the combination of a constructed addition to their duel disks and the card 'Dimension Mover', the Lancers thus traveled from the Standard Dimension they were from, to the Synchro Dimension; however, they would be separated into groups. Reira herself would appear with Yuuya, Shingo, and Serena, and the group would quickly find themselves surrounded by law enforcement officers known as 'Security'.

The Security officers mistook Yuuya and Serena for Yuugo and Yuzu respectively-their appearance would frighten Reira into flight, but as the girl tried to run away, their path would be barred by Solid Vision 'Gate Blockers' (effectively Walls). With no choice but to duel, Yuuya would take Reira's hand and carry her along as he faced Security, attempting to comfort her. Reira would remain terrified however, fearfully asking where her brother was, and only watching as Yuuya seemed to lose.

Before they could be arrested, various D-Wheels would drive in; Crow Hogan and his allies distracting Security and taking all of the present lancers on their bikes until they could drive to safety. The group would be left at Crow's home, and Crow invited them in for the time being, introducing them to the three children that he had adopted.

Despite the children's attempts to socialize with Reira however, she would hold her bear and remain silent, keeping to herself and wishing for her brother. When Shingo and Serena chose to leave and search for him, she tried to join, but was held back by Yuuya-thus returning to sitting at the side in upset.

The next morning, Crow's friend Shinji would drop in to bring some supplies and treats for the children. Crow would ask Reira if she wanted to join the other children in snacking on the sweets-Reira however, hesitant and confused, would ask if it was an 'order'. While initially confused, Crow was able to quickly play along, telling her that it was; she could only eat candy if she washed her hands! She thus did so immediately, and began to eat.

Unfortunately, the potentially brightening mood would be soured as Yuuya and Crow entered an argument over which was more important in life; 'smiles' (entertainment, rather) or 'food'; as the two dragged Reira's opinion into things, they eventually began to duel over it, their arguing making Reira more and more uncomfortable as it went. The duel was such that it would cause Crow and the others to miss Security coming near to their location-the officers closed in, and moved to arrest all present over the age of 12. In this moment however, Tsukikage-one of the lancers, and a ninja hired by Reiji specifically-would successfully slip in and pull Reira to safety, bringing her to her brother.

Friendship Cup

After being reunited with her brother, Reira, Reiji, and Tsukikage would confront the Council of the 'City', the Synchro Dimension's seeming capital. Reira listened as her brother explained their purpose there, as well as the threat of the dimensional war. The Council would create a deal with Reiji, while also moving to take custody of the remaining lancers from Security Prison (a facility under Jean Michel Roger's jurisdiction, and not the Council, it should be noted). All of the former prisoners were to participate in the Riding Duel Tournament known as the Friendship Cup. Reiji would request that Reira also participate in the tournament, and as such, would spend much of her time in the City locked within her own room. The only exception was the time spent watching other matches-during these events, Reira would stand alongside her brother, anxious.

When it came time for Reira to duel however, she would grow scared-her opponent would be none other than Shinji. As Tsukikage and Reiji appeared to guide her to her match, she would instead flee, running into Yuuya's room not long after it had been unlocked through the bribed actions of a staff member. Reira would cling desperately to Yuuya, her head buried against him while Yuuya demanded Reiji explain what was going on. Yuuya would further demand to know why Reiji felt it so necessary to bring Reira there-only receiving the answer that she was vitally important, before Reiji asked Reira why she ran. Demanding that Reira be the one to speak, she would manage to admit that she didn't want to duel Shinji, as he had given her candy-Reiji therefore came to the conclusion that she didn't wish to turn her hand against someone who had been kind to her, and requested that Tsukikage duel in her stead.

Reiji began to leave the room at this point, causing a near panic attack as Reira feared she made him angry. She rushed out to rejoin him, crying his name and begging forgiveness, insisting that she would follow any order he gave from then on. Reiji however would quickly calm her, placing a hand on her head and stating that he was glad to hear her refuse the order-as it was a sign that she was developing a sense of her own self. He then offered her his hand, and the two walked back to the council room together.

Despite this, Reira grew fearful that Tsukikage would 'replace' her in importance, not completely understanding the source of Reiji's care toward her. Watching over Tsukikage's duel with Shinji, she prayed desperately for Tsukikage to lose, becoming relieved when he did so...and then quickly become fearful again when Reiji announced to the council that Tsukikage being brought to the Underground Trash Facility as all losers of the tournament were was 'just as planned'.

Following the last duel of the evening, Reira and Reiji would be invited to dinner with the Council, as well as Jack Atlas, the current champion. Jack would remark that he had looked forward to seeing Reira duel, noting that he saw himself in her eyes. He told her of how he had pulled himself up from the ground to the top in the past, telling her that if she had a goal to accomplish, she 'Must not falter!'

Reira would take these words to heart, and more importantly, realize how horribly she had acted (even if only in thought) toward Tsukikage. When she and Reiji met him later on the balcony to speak with him and receive update on the status of the lancers currently imprisoned in the trash facility, she would therefore apologize to him, before announcing that she desired to stand and fight against Academia and fight with the Lancers.

Since, however, she was 'too late' to do so in the tournament (as she put it), she asked Tsukikage to do one thing before returning to his post; specifically, she requested that he pass on a letter from her to him, where she took Jack's words and explained to Yuuya the reason why Jack had insulted Yuuya's dueling as he had. Telling Yuuya that he needed to fight from the heart and for what he personally desired, her letter would inspire Yuuya as well to fight on.

Friendship Cup Final Rounds

Following the last duels of the first round, Security officers sent by Roger attempted to lock down the Council and attending (Reiji and Reira, in other words), holding them hostage in a strategy that Roger referred to as 'King's Gambit'. They watched most of the Second Round duels together in this state, until the match between Serena and Yuugo-at which point Reiji abruptly challenged all of the guards present to a duel, ordering Reira to use the distraction as a way to escape and find Serena-she needed to get Serena to safety before she was brought underground.

When Reira arrived at the lift where Serena was being taken, Security had already arrived to take her as well. They knocked the men from the Trash Facility out, and dosed Serena with a nerve gas, intending to take her to Roger. Reira, in that moment, would challenge the three Security officers to duel-and in one move, defeat all three of them before rushing to get Serena to safety.

Serena and Reira were quickly joined by Tsukikage, who would help them escape easier by carrying Serena himself. They ran throughout the city as the next duel began, and observed Serena's bracelet reacting to Yuuya's 'berserk' state (a state of being caused by Zarc's presence within the boy). They moved through the sewers from here, attempting to avoid presence of not only Security, but also of Academia-as their forces were now also arriving in Synchro.

Despite being steadily exhausted by the constant running, when Obelisk Force duelists managed to corner the three, Reira insisted that Tsukikage go on ahead alone; she defeated the duelists with yet another OTK to assure him it would be fine, and the ninja took off to gather Yuzu (who was currently on the run with Sora). In the meantime, trios of duelists continuously replaced each other, and Reira grew more and more fatigued. As the stress began to build, she began to experience a PTSD episode, viewing the approaching duelists as the soldiers marching across the roads, causing her to freeze and falter in fear. Yuuya however arrived just at this moment, facing the duelists and holding Reira close to calm her down.

The victory was short-lived however; another team of duelists, led by Barrett, arrived-and though Reira attempted to face the Obelisk Force again while Yuuya was forced into a single-duelist match with Barrett, she was still overwhelmed by the PTSD. At this point, Sora arrived instead-but though he defeated them in turn, Yuuri-Yuuya's counterpart from Academia and the Fusion dimension-would come in with still more duelists. Pinning Sora with a Solid Vision monster, he would be stopped only by the arrival of Yuugo-the counterpart from Synchro-and after hearing Yuugo had defeated Serena earlier in a match, challenge him.

During the duels that were in progress, all four dimensional dragons would be summoned. Reira, reacting to the rage of Zarc brought forward through these dragons, would begin to scream and experience significant pain, particularly as the dimensions themselves began to react to the boy's 'berserk' states. Before any of them could begin to re-merge, Yuzu would finally arrive, her bracelet teleporting Yuuri and Yuugo out of the dimension. The Obelisk Force present would attempt to capture the girls at this time, only to be stopped by Tsukikage (who of course, had brought Yuzu in the first place) and forced to flee. Sergey would follow in on the chaos, joining in on Yuuya and Barrett's duel in order to claim Yuzu first-but while he defeated Barrett, the Academia soldier was still able to use his duel disk to teleport himself and Serena back to Academia. While Sora intended to chase after, Reira clung to him before she could be left entirely alone, and pleaded him not to leave. From here, Sergey would defeat Yuuya, and spirit Yuzu away to Jean Michel's headquarters.

Following the severe loss, the group would take a few moments to recover, Reira holding Sora as she attempted to calm herself down. Shingo, Gongenzaka, and Tokumatsu would arrive-with Shingo immediately telling Sora to get away from the girl (Sora, as far as most were aware, was an Academia soldier), before Yuuya explained the events of the last number of hours. Easing Sora from Reira, it would be decided that Sora and Tsukikage would chase after Sergey to re-capture Yuzu. Yuuya attempted to join, but was briefly held back when Reira asked him to stay with her. Despite this, she was entrusted to Shingo and Tokumatsu, while Gongenzaka and Yuuya chased after the others.

While attempting to return to Reiji, Reira, Tokumatsu, and Shingo, would encounter difficulties in the form of the Commons Riots. The people of 'Commons' were being led by Shinji to rebel against the upperclass alongside the people locked in the Trash Facility, and the violence of the riots triggered a stronger PTSD response within Reira; she began to mutter about how she would destroy all of those before her, before breaking free of the others to rush toward the crowd. Before she made it, Shun would come in and snatch Reira from the ground, holding her close until she calmed down as he told her 'this is not your fight'-the same words he had insisted upon when he argued against bringing Reira into the Lancers to begin with. Before relief could sink in, Security would come to corner the group, prompting them to duel their way out.

Shun would handle them easily, before using his Raid Raptors monsters to fly them out of the chaos. On the way to the stadium (where rioters could not enter), they would pick up Yuuya, Gongenzaka, as well as the other children, before landing inside the grounds. Reira would hug Reiji close once they finally reunited, and from there join in the fray to deal with remaining Security officers there. While she initially began to hyperventilate again, she would overcome the PTSD attack, defeating the duelists before her and smiling back to the Lancers (and Reiji) watching.

Yuuya would challenge Jack in this time, so Reira watched alongside the other Lancers as Jack and Yuuya dueled. As the Commons Riots began to heat up again, she and the lancers moved to split up between matters, with Reira and Reiji personally heading for Jean Michel's location after Sora managed to bring an announcement that despite successfully freeing Yuzu, Jean-Michel had managed to overtake them and kidnap her personally. They regrouped with Tsukikage and Sora, moving on with the former to chase after Jean-Michel. As the man lured them into a room, Reiji would realize it was a trap, pushing Reira out of the room as the doors closed. Tsukikage would reassure her from here, and shortly after they would force the door open with Sora's help by rewiring the key panel. They entered, joined by the other Lancers and protagonists to watch Reiji lock Jean-Michel into an impossible duel, only for the man to retreat and try another tactic...Opening a faulty wormhole. Though Reira would nearly be sucked in alongside most of the Lancers, Reiji and Sora managed to keep her from flying off, while Crow, Tsukikage, and Jack also avoided being sucked inside. The portal would destabilize and collapse, leaving them alone in Synchro.

The Raid of Academia

For a short time, Reira and the remaining lancers within the city would attempt to help in the efforts to rebuild the city. Shinji and Tokumatsu however would insist that they, along with Crow and Jack, go to face Academia as they had intended. They thus traveled there before splitting up somewhat, with all but Jack procuring a speedboat and making their way from the mainland in the Fusion Dimension to Academia's island location. They would catch up to Captain Solo's ship just as Yuuya was thrown overboard, with Crow rescuing him from the waters as Reira called out to the boy.

She would watch as Sora joined into the duel to help Yuuya win, and following the duel, notice Tsukikage holding some sort of screw-asking where it came from and later realizing it was a key part of the steering mechanism for Solo's ship, the boat now careening out of control and unable to follow after them. After Reiji explained to the others what they had missed in Synchro, Reira would insist that they now needed to make their way into Academia. She would listen in shock as Reiji explained that he had attempted to come here three years prior, managing to find scraps of information toward what his father-the leader of Academia and known as 'the Professor' Leo-was planning.

Once ashore, they would climb the sheer cliff leading into Academia's grounds, before being surrounded by Academia students. The group would split off in order to allow Reiji to move forward, with Sora and Reira going with him as the rest remained to fight the students.

Along the way to Leo's main location, the three would encounter Yuushou-Yuuya's father-and Asuka. In the same moment however, Yuuri would arrive, threatening to face all of them. Recognizing the threat he posed, Sora would activate a mechanism within the building's halls; shutting off the section they were in, and throwing Reira past the barrier with the others so that Asuka could safely duel Yuuri and stall for time. The siblings and Yusho would then encounter a set of students ordered to take them directly to Leo, and follow without complaint.

The very presence of Leo would begin to cause anxiety for Reira, but Reiji would calm her down even as the man explained about the truth behind his 'Arc Area Project'. He explained how there had been a time 14 years prior where the four dimensions were a single one, and how he had created solid vision in that dimension. Unbeknownst to him, this allowed the spirits of the duel monsters to manifest within the holograms themselves, and those sensitive to them such as Zarc would begin to be able to communicate with the monsters. Leo would continue to explain how Zarc, a rising duelist at the time, would be be pressured into increasingly violent duels after an accident where he injured his opponent with a monster attack. Zarc would grow insane under the pressure, convincing himself that the anger his monsters experienced was a desire to fight more as well-and using the power of his 'Astrograph Magician' fused with the four dragons personally, destroying everything around them.

As Leo told this story, the duels happening around the island would bring forward the four dragons themselves, and the growing rage would begin to trigger Reira's fear again, only intensifying as it combined with Leo's hate. Yuuya however would manage to make it to Leo's chambers, bringing some relief to the situation until Leo continued to explain the events of the Original Dimension. Having felt responsible for what occurred, Leo would construct four cards from the natural energies of the world-Wind, Birds, Flowers, and the Moon-before he could use these cards to stop Zarc however, his daughter Ray would steal them and face him herself. In defeating Zarc with the powers of the four cards, both Ray and Zarc would divide into four themselves, and the dimension alongside it. Reira listened as Leo explained how he had initially forgotten his life in the original dimension but recovered memories over time, coming to Academia and finding Serena there before determining that he could revive Ray if he found the girl's remaining counterparts.

Leo would reveal the device he created for this purpose, powered by the life energy of those he sealed into cards, a sight that caused Reira's condition to worsen. He would explain that using the device he would merge the four girls back into Ray and bring the dimensions together into one-refusing to allow this, Reiji and Yuuya would challenge Leo to a duel, but as Leo pressured the pair, Zarc would begin to rise up within Yuuya. The immense anger and hate surrounding them would finally become too much as Yuuya entered his berserk state, and Reira would pass out, being cared for by Yusho for a short time. Yusho however would quickly terminate the duel and force it to end without result, pinning Yuuya to a pillar to keep the possessed boy from hurting anyone and passing Reira to Reiji in order to run in search of Yuuri (more specifically 'to Stop Zarc', as Yuuri and Yuugo were the remaining counterparts in play).

While in her slumber, the girls would disappear into 'ARC-V' (The Fifth Dimension within the device), beginning the process of becoming Ray again. Ray's spirit would come in contact with Reira, and upon waking, Reira would be able to hear and speak to the spirit. She told Reiji that Ray wished to be revived so that she could stop Zarc, whose own return was now inevitable. Reiji countered her on this, asking if Reira desired for everyone-especially the girls-to disappear. While unable to offer a stronger defense than Reiji obtaining his 'real sister', she challenged Reiji to a duel, determining that she was therefore the only one acting in Ray's own interests now. Though she held her ground impressively, Reiji managed to come out on top. He would, however, acknowledge and show respect for the girl's will, holding little against her. Before they could choose an action to take from this, the wall beside them would be broken down as Yuuri and Yuusho arrived, their duel taking them back to the others. Yuuri would defeat Yuusho and turn him into a card before Yuuya's eyes, and though Yuusho's dueling briefly brought Yuuya to his senses, the seeming death of his father would turn him over again. (During this time, as Yuuya spoke to himself, Reira would learn that Yuuya had already absorbed Yuuto some time ago-Yuuri, on that note, had by this point absorbed Yuugo). The rage would cause Yuuya to break free from his binds, and the shockwave would knock Reira to the ground, before they watched as Yuuya and Yuuri dueled.

Though Reira worried about the incoming revival of Zarc, Reiji insisted that Yuuya would overcome it, and encouraged Yuuya to win as the boy regained himself. Part way through the duel, Reira would become unable to hear Ray-as Leo isolated the room within a dome of energy, to become separate from the growing 'Arc-V' dimension that was now covering Academia and pulling other portions from the dimensions into it. She, Reiji, and the arriving Sora and Edo, thus tried to join in the duel and help Yuuya, only to be prevented by Yuuri himself. They thus watched as Yuuya struggled on alone, doing their best to encourage him to win without giving into the control of Zarc.

The Battle Against Zarc

It would be for naught however, as the very act of 'pressuring' him to win forced him to spill over in his moment of victory. Yuuya would absorb Yuuri and therefore Yuugo, and Zarc would become whole. Zarc would bring forward Astrograph Magician again and fuse with the dragons, reviving the 'Supreme King Dragon Zarc' into the world. As the resulting destruction and slowly fusing dimensions broke the isolation dome, Reira would hear Ray again, and hurriedly tell Reiji that they needed to go back inside where Leo was. The two ran through the warping Academia, witnessing ghostly apparitions of humans from the other dimensions as the integration became stronger. While searching for her however, Reira would be told by Ray that Leo was now trying to use the recovered energy cards to fight Zarc himself-he was heading for the battle field now, and did not intend to let Ray fight Zarc again.

Reira hurriedly begged Reiji to thus go after him, and save Leo's life, claiming that he would never be happy again if he allowed Leo to sacrifice himself. Reiji agreed, and told Reira to stay where she was while he left to return to the location of Zarc. While Reira would intially try to follow him instead, Ray would urge her onward, guiding the girl to her location at the core of the dimension creating device; she would meet with Ray's spirit there, only to hear that Ray still did not have a body, and would not have one in time to face Zarc. Reira would offer to carry Ray's spirit within her body then, so that they could fight Zarc together. Taking Ray within herself, she would run toward the battle field again. Tsukikage would appear along the way, helping her up and carrying her to the duel with greater haste.

Arriving at the battlefield, Tsukikage would move to help Reiji and Leo avoid certain death from Zarc's crushing blows, while Reira would arrive and cast aside her sweater and hat, allowing Ray to speak and declare her presence. They would recover Leo's energy cards using the effect of their own magic card, and bring them forward to activate against Zarc one by one-reducing his lifepoints and casting away the many dragons and bonuses he had gathered by facing all of the other duelists present.

In doing so, Yuuya was able to revive from within Zarc, and fight back for control. From within Ray, Yuzu would also call out for him, helping him to finally gain enough control over his actions to turn the duel more in Reira and Ray's favor. They were at last able to defeat him, reducing Zarc's lifepoints to zero and allowing the magic of the Natural Energy Cards to take effect.

As a result however, history threatened to repeat itself; Zarc attempted to split Yuuya and the counterparts back into four, an act that would not only break apart the slowly merging dimensions, but leave most of them without memory of what occurred and risk history repeating itself (particularly since Zarc's power was inherently connected to the four boys and their dragons). Reira therefore cast Ray out from her body and forced Zarc's spirit into herself instead, hastening the effects of the Natural Energy cards. She prevented the dimensions from completely dividing (Though as they had been during Zarc's battle, they were still primarily separate), and additionally succeeded in keeping Zarc away from both the counterparts and the dragons he drew power from, reincarnating as a single infant to keep Yuuya from suffering the same fate once again.

Reira is taken from the 'in between' moments of this; the void of time that exists between when she was reincarnated and when reality was forced to sort itself out from her actions.

Personality: Reira's personality is one that is, in a sense far distant to what it would typically entail with a child, one that is still 'developing'-it's a matter that forms a core part of her character arc in her entire series; we see her move from a traumatized, near mute state to gradually experiencing first negative emotions (chief of which is jealousy) and then finally those closer to her 'final state' (remorse, understanding, etc). If anything, she actually comes to better read people than most of the remaining cast! ...Though she has a bit of an advantage to that.

From the start of the series, Reira is defined by being quiet, and being afraid. She is a child who has been raised in absolute peril and only recently removed from it-someone whose existence has been defined by her literal usefulness, to the point where she initially feels her only connection to her new brother is because of such usefulness. In understanding that this is not the case-that feelings such as love, and joy, forge such bonds, she in turn becomes someone who is capable of such feelings toward even the most abhorrent of people. She becomes capable of forgiving even her adopted father, who created the entire war of dimensions within the series and razed entire dimensions to ashes, even pleading for her brother to forgive the man-as he would "never be happy" if he severed that tie.

There is a great emphasis on Reira through her development, to create her own sense of self-and that sense of self becomes someone thoroughly self-less, and kind. Too kind, as in addition to being the only one to take Ray's urgent cries to heart, she finds a way to spare Ray-and in a sense, Zarc himself-from the catastrophic consequences of re-dividing the dimensions, despite knowing that her own life would no doubt be somehow forfeit.

It takes considerable confidence-but more accurately for Reira, a considerable amount of courage. She is still a quiet child, but she is more openly able to assert her own beliefs by this end to the series. While she is still easily frightened by various things, she has forced her way through her own PTSD episodes on a number of occasions by this point, and even gathers the strength to face her own brother-the same brother whose absolute ideals she fearfully obeyed-in a duel of conflicting beliefs.

Reira doesn't enjoy fighting-she enjoys dueling but not fighting, as noted by not only her pleas for Reiji to forgive his father, but in how desperately she pursues Ray to stop Zarc in peace. The duel she conducts spares all but herself-she would far rather see those who tried to make her happy and show her kindness experience the same, than watch them suffer the misery she grew up with. She is intelligent enough to realize the likely consequences as well; more than intelligent, even if through the ending arc in particular she catches herself in her own desires-saying one thing and then another in a vain attempt to just make someone agree, for example. But it is expected. She is, after all, kind of still a little kid.

An astonishingly understanding and observant one, mind-she alone parses Jack's cryptic words into a message that the protagonist can finally understand, and there's the entire 'Ray' mess to throw on top of things-but a kid all the same.

One filled with...a little too much love, now that she's opened her heart to it.

sad bonus notes: she has not laughed once through the series excluding as a baby and even then it sounded a lot more like crying

As an aside note, it's worth mentioning that the above is all from interactions with immediate cast-members. When it comes to the world at large, and even strangers, we know relatively little about how she, at this time, deals with it; as it is, Reira is assuredly quite direct. Even with the above, she tends to take a goal and head for it at full tilt. Not in a literal guns blazing manner perhaps, but enough that she tends to go straight for the most logically obvious option to her.

Growing up as she did, there are many, MANY things that are unfamiliar to her-when she's first offered candy, she thinks it's an order in fact; so there is an almost mechanical curiosity about many things around her. Laughter, singing, these are things she knows exists, but she can't quite place 'when' or 'why' they're appropriate, for example. While she's definitely more approachable as a whole, she flat out doesn't understand the things that most children her age grew up with. (She will however, more openly try to, though.)


Empathy - As revealed far late into the series, Reira is a strong empath, naturally feeling intense emotions within the air. It's to the point that the volume of rage and hate exuded by Zarc caused her to pass out when she was exposed to it in full, and at many points in time before this, similar episodes caused immense fear to the point of a seeming panic attack. She was able to even sense the anger of the dragon cards that Yuuya and his counterparts bear-implying a similar ability to Zarc himself. While it was originally thought to be the exact ability (due to only being noted around the dragons), she later responded to Leo's hatred with the same headache and fear, proving it to be a more general form of the ability.

This empathetic ability is implied to also be the reason she connects so quickly to Ray's spirit from within Arc-V (hey, titledrop!); where so many others immediately dismiss the idea of Ray facing Zarc, Reira immediately latches onto the other's urgency once she awakes, practically propelled by it.

For some reason, this ability seems to allow her to take other spirits within herself with greater ease.

'Natural Energy Cards' - These technically don't bestow any unique powers, but they're worth noting since they might affect future reactions to magic; the Natural Energy Cards, being in Reira's possession last, are more or less 'within' her. They were just standard 'seal X away' type things, but each one represented and embodied (that last word being where the 'might affect' comes in) the four aspects of nature. These are:

Birds, Flowers, the Wind, and the Moon.

So basically I'm noting this here as a nod to the fact that if she picks up anything, it'll likely connect to or 'through' those four things.

Soul Colour: Gold
Ideal Jobs: Thief, Shill, Animal Keeper...Scout
Relevant Experience: Oddly enough, Reira has the most experience for being a thief; while it is never explained exactly WHAT she did while under orders from the military of her birth country, headcanon at the very least places those skills squarely in 'anything that a small body which can fit into a tight space is good for'.

Generally, that's espionage and theft.

Beyond this, she literally had everything she ever needed in order to be Extremely Good At Dueling programmed into her head. With wires. And Cables. This makes her a good choice for both mastering various games on display, and even being an entertainer herself, as dueling in this series is heavily geared to a certain level of physical skill and entertaining ability.

Notably though, Reira isn't much of a talker; if anything, tasks that require her to speak directly to others are going to cause her to freeze up, even if it's meant for a crowd. Dueling is the vast exception-so it's probably best to avoid those kinds of jobs.

And of course, for animal keeping, she has that Empathy....

Realistically she'd be great as a scout if she wasn't 7, since again; that's kind of what she did. But also she's 7 and even the Ring Master recognizes that one, as much as Lambert would probably keep her more than safe when it came to more risky j-

Actually come to think Lambert probably WOULD make scout plausible as a job for the kid by being the current Nightrider, huh. (For starters, he'd keep her far away from combat for sure) Not to mention it'd put him in range if she ends up having a PTSD break...

WELL in addition to the above, just to be thorough! Her activity late into the series is also of note; excluding the bit about running off to save Ray, in the Synchro Arc she's trusted first to be the one to escape an otherwise locked down council building, but also to be the one to prevent one of her fellow lancers from being taken by either side of the Synchro Conflict-she's then responsible for keeping Serena hidden from Academia sights, going as far as forming the primary defense against incoming soldiers once they ARE found. Outside that single example, Reira seems to get around ALARMINGLY well-she navigates most of Academia building quite well even after she's on her own, and while part of it involves being guided by Ray, she did have to take some initiative for part of it. So for the 'go to place, see what's around' bit of scouting, she's more than qualified!

So scouting if it makes sense to RM could. Actually work. (I'm like 99% sure it doesn't due to the combative aspect looming overhead, I'm just being thorough hah)

Reason for Joining: Reira floated in the same void that everyone else did-Yuuya and his counterparts, Zarc and herself merged in one... (Yuzu and the girls were stuck in the nebulous 'fifth dimension pocket' that is Arc-V, but that's beside the point)

There are a number of contracts centering around her fate and the fate of the others as it seems, so it's unsurprising that at some point, the Ringmaster straight up drops by and pulls her in. Rather than simply go on her merry way however, or even wait around as Yuuya's contract is paid off, Reira makes one of her own.

....Mostly because the minute she got pulled into the Carnival by RM, she got to watch Zarc get stuffed in a jar 'for later'. (It's probably fortunate that Zarc's soul is tied to Yuugo and Yuuya's, or at least enough to make immediate destruction a bit questionable)

Reira-whether aware of his impending End By Faerie or not-requests that Zarc be given a 'second chance', likely even explaining that before she was pulled into the Carnival, she and Zarc were to be reincarnated together as an infant. Assuming RM doesn't plan on putting her back on THAT particular boat, they could at least just let Zarc go through the whole 'baby' process, right?

...Right? (If RM asks why Reira even cares, Reira will probably say something about feeling 'sorrow and pain' from the spirit for the brief time they were together, rather than just pissy anger)


Top Level and MASSIVE thread with Yuuya
Thread with Connie about Swords and also Contrived Plots
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Coding to come later, but !

Reira is 7 years old, and and her background contains near explicit mentions of child abuse/manipulation and children in warfare. Details are such that she still struggles to a mild extent with PTSD, but over all when the topic of both her 'homeland' and even her past outside of Arimoi come up, players should know that there is risk of such topics coming up. If you wish to discuss or avoid such things, leave a comment below; I will be more than happy to help steer things away from painful matters!

Beyond that, here's my own stance on doing the following to Reira. (It probably goes without saying that Romance is. A big no deal unless you're in the 6-10 age range, in which case sure go for it hold hands and eat ice cream!)

Fourth-Walling - To a minor extent; I'd prefer nothing like 'OH YOU PLAY YUGIOH!'. Stick with 'duel monsters' recognition, and don't say anything like 'ARE YOU AN ANIME??' and we're good.
Backtagging - ALWAYS GOOD, Always happy to backtag! Handwaving is a thing I'm good to work out with other players as well, of course.

Hugging/Grabbing - She can't put up much resistance, but be advised that she'll react accordingly if she feels uncomfortable herself.
Injury - Anything too dire, and I'd rather we plot it out, but in general as long as I'm given fair heads up through tag narrative, I'm fine!
Mind Reading/Similar - Once again, just give a heads up, and I'll decide if it's a good idea or not. Depending on what's being 'read' however, I might send a message myself to warn about the Above Possible Issues.


As of Intro, Reira's right arm from the elbow down has 'changed'; the four bracelets representing the Natural Energy Cards have melted into the skin, until only the stones and their surrounding patterns can be seen. The arm itself is also far bulkier, clawed and scaled like Zarc's own.

She was formerly covering this arm with one of Yuusei's gloves, but because of how the bracelets melted through to her arm, her sleeve from just past the elbow down is missing, and visibly 'burned' off. She also carried her deck in her shorts pocket, and has her duel disk on her left arm. Typically, she's carrying a small pack with food, even now.

Now that more changes have come in however, Reira has stopped hiding them. She has two large 'wing-like' horns rising from her head to resemble Zarc's 'ears', and Zarc's eyes sit just beneath her own. Her arms and legs are bulky and scaled, like dragon's, and on her dueling arm four gems representing the dragons are embedded in it. She has a long, whip-like tail of 3.5 meters in length, with the first .5 at the base being covered in numerous violet and white feathers.

At the moment, she is aware of her 'Name' (Kaachoufuugetsu), but not her Sigil. She is able to teleport to whatever and whoever she imagines in her mind's eye leaving a cloud of dust, feathers, petals, and wind in her wake, and additionally has access to magic-though uncontrollably so.

She currently resides with Yuusei in his store-loft, and has been regularly pilfering furnishings for it. She has also stolen a golden comet chicken and named it 'Ray'.

Arimoi App

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Player Name: Usagi
Player Contact: [ profile] usagisquared

Character Name: Reira Akaba
Character Account: [personal profile] soft_focus
Character Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V (SexswapAU; See History Note)
Character History: NOTE: While it is unconfirmed and subbers are assuming male for the moment, a series of reveal tropes and language tropes combined have swayed me to the opinion that Reira is (at least biologically speaking, since they'd be entirely unaware of what 'the difference' was) a girl.

Full list of points however are: Reira, first off, is very much considered a girl's name in Japan. The romanization used for it in series (Layra) is also a girl's name, and even the dub name, curiously enough, is considered at least 'Neutral' (Riley).

Second, the 'hair reveal trope' Reira used when declaring themselves as Ray (Reira allowed Ray to possess them for the battle with Zarc) is almost exclusively reserved for women when used in anime-especially with a series like Yu-Gi-Oh.

In addition to this though, Japan doesn't really use gendered pronouns...Ever. In fact while it's clear from the animation that Reira was meant to be hiding someting, it's unclear if gender was that thing, since Reira quite likely hasn't actually been referred to even as, specifically, more than a 'sibling' so much as a brother. The time someone asks Reiji if they ARE his brother in fact, Reiji prepares to correct them for some reason. Most assume in the context and timing that he would have said 'actually, Reira is adopted'. But late series it's made clear that saying as much would have been out of character.

The final nail in the coffin however are these two points; first, more vaguely, after Reira's reincarnation in the series, they're re-introduced in a pink baby carriage...once again a colour-match trope displayed more exclusively for girls when it comes to series like Yu-Gi-Oh.

More importantly though, Reira switches from 'Boku' (Which tomboyish characters in anime use anyway, so it's often used as the 'could go either way' indicator) to 'Watashi'. While some say it could be a final nod to Reiji (who uses Watashi as a businessman), this occurs when Reira fully takes identity and choice upon themselves. They have already accepted that they have disagreements with Reiji, and even that they'll likely never see them again. More likely, this is thus Reira switching to something that they are more comfortable with, much like how they finally abandoned their sweater and hat.

TL;DR, I'm going to be apping Reira as Female, with a note considering them AU unless otherwise revealed, since subbers and viewers at this point are cautiously assuming the reveal means nothing. (Which is fair it. Is kind of a child so having this kind of discussion makes some folk feel super awkward.)

✥ Reira was born in a wartorn country that had been ravaged for decades, where her parents died at a young age. Headcanon states this location to be 'Donbass, Ukraine', due to existing educational aid efforts Japan made to this currently turmoilous area IRL when these episodes aired.

✥ For an unknown amount of time after being discovered and captured by foot soldiers, Reira was used as some form of 'tool'; as emphasis was placed on the fact that she could be given any order and still follow it, headcanon states she would have been primarily used to slip into enemy territory and gather information.

✥ When Reira is approximately 7 years old, Himika Akaba obtains knowledge of her abilities through some unknown method, adopting her in order to be used as a 'weapon' against Leo Akaba.

✥ Reira is trained through programming from cables and wires and soon officially exposed to the duel scene via the Junior division of the Maiami championships. During this time, though she expresses severe anxiety and hesitation toward most actions (and especially toward her new 'mother'), it is revealed that gestures of kindness and gifts from Reiji cause Reira to brighten and smile the minute he shows any form of genuine pride for her skills.

✥ Successfully coming out as the champion of the tournament, Reira sits in on Reiji's observation of the backdrop to the Junior Youth battle royale, formed to distract the audience from an unexpected attack from Academia. Reira watches as those who will be chosen to become the 'Lancers' manage to defeat and subdue the forces.

✥ Reira is introduced to the remaining lancers as an additional member, with the others immediately showing mixed feelings of doubt.

✥ Transport to the Synchro dimension unexpectedly causes everyone to appear in separated groups. Reira in particular finds herself with Yuuya, Shingo, and Serena. Immediately anxious without her brother present, the arrival of Synchro Security doesn't help- Security begins to overwhelm the group, but a group of duelists on motorcycles jumps the barricade and carries the four off.

✥ They're left at Crow Hogan's home, where they meet both Crow, and Crow's adopted children. Still frightened by the unfamiliar surroundings and people, Reira takes to sitting at the side, refusing to speak with everyone for a while.

✥ After a few days, Reira begins to open up-when Crow's friend Shinji arrives with sweets for the children, Crow asks if Reira wants some. Rather than immediately shying away, she quietly asks if it's an ‘order' before joining the children. When Yuuya and Crow begin an argument (smiles or food bringing happiness first). Reira anxiously refuses to pick a side, so the two start a duel.

✥ While the duel is occurring, it seems Shingo and Serena had attracted the attention of Security; everyone is immediately captured and arrested. At the last minute, Tsukikage spirits Reira away to safety and a reunion with Reiji. She stays quietly at his side until he is able to strike a deal with Synchro's council of elders.

✥ The deal being all of the lancers needing to prove themselves by participating in the Friendship Cup dueling tournament. As usual she watches the duels at Reiji’s side.

✥ When the time comes for her turn however, she runs away, finding Yuuya's room and clinging to him in fear. She refuses because her opponent would be Shinji-who gave her candy. After quietly confirming so and after ordering Tsukikage to take her place, Reiji moves to leave...sparking the fear that she has angered the person she has come to love into abandoning her. Reira runs to beg forgiveness, only to hear directly from him that he is proud of her taking a stand.

✥ When Tsukikage's duel begins however, Reiji's words to the council cause her to fear that Tsukikage is 'replacing' her in importance. She mentally curses Tsukikage, who does indeed lose- but becomes anxious when Reiji claims it was part of the plan.

✥ After the duels for the day are over, Reira and Reiji join the council, as well as Jack Atlas (the current reigning champion) for dinner. Jack notes that Reira was meant to duel, stating that he saw himself in Reira's eyes and came out from such a state with nothing but his own strength- so if Reira herself had a goal to accomplish, '[she] must not falter!'

✥ The speech not only moves Reira to focus more heavily upon herself, but allows her to understand Jack’s views. The next day, when Tsukikage escapes from the 'Underground' to pass Reiji information about what is happening, Reira apologizes then declares she wishes to help fight Academia properly- and needs Tsukikage to pass a message to Yuuya. The message is what she learned from Jack-that Yuuya must find his own unique meaning and power, rather than copying what others have done for him.

✥ Jean-Michel Roger of the Synchro Security Bureau starts to rebel against the Council and imprison them within the building. Reira and Reiji are both seemingly trapped, but Reiji begins a duel against those barring the way when Serena and Yuugo finish their match-Reira is ordered to use the chance to escape...and most importantly to keep Serena from being taken underground.

✥ Reira arrives just as Security doses Serena with nerve gas- but in time to duel them for the sake of keeping Serena out of their hands. The tournament continues alongside a covert invasion from Academia.

✥ When Academia locates them, Reira defeats three of Obelisk Force soldiers soundly to encourage Tsukikage to leave and get the rest of the Lancers. Unfortunately, after nine more soldiers, Reira begins to weaken and suffer a PTSD break, hallucinating the soldiers as the gas mask-wearing men from her homeland. Yuuya arrives on a D-Wheel to enter the duel and protect him and Serena, but is soon forced into a duel with Barrett. Reira is unable to face the additional soldiers that arrive- but Sora steps in to stop them.

✥ More people enter the fray; as all four of the dimensional dragons belonging to the facial doubles come on the field, Reira begins to sense their great rage and energy, and grows terrified. Yuzu arrives just in time for her bracelet to force Yuugo and Yuuri out of the dimension, calming most of the air. Reira is helpless to keep a defeated Barrett from warping Serena to the Fusion dimension, while Sergey steals Yuzu away.

✥ Because Sora tried to protect them, Reira clings to him, having become attached to him. It is revealed that in the meantime, Commons has now started a rebellion however- the riots to trigger another form of Reira's PTSD relapses; the girl nearly rushes to join the fray, snarling that she'll 'destroy all of them', but she is picked up and prevented from this by Shun, who calms her down then brings them all to the Council building. Reira is allowed to rush forward and reunite with Reiji by hugging him tight.

✥ The tournament is still on; Reira faces some of the Security officers still trying to capture them, forcing herself to conquer her fear and PTSD relapse in order to successfully defeat them and impress Jack-who is watching from above. She then witnesses Yuuya challenge Jack for their final match, and as the two duel, Reira leaves with Reiji to charge after Jean-Michel.

✥ Yuuya wins his duel, but in the meantime, Reiji and Reira pursue Jean, who is dragging Yuzu with him and has defeated Sora and Tsukikage both. As they come to the chamber that Reiji will have to face Jean in, Reiji pushes Reira out of the room, Tsukikage and Reira remain locked out until the other lancers arrive supporting Sora-who is able to crack the system keeping the door shut.

✥ While Reiji locks Jean in a permanent loop that forces their eternal loss, Jean refuses to accept it. In a fit of mad rage, he activates a device that will open a wormhole through the dimensions, intending to throw the entire city into the void between them. Reira is nearly blown away with most of the others, but Reiji clings to her and keeps her from falling through, until the wormhole finally collapses and ceases to function. They are left unsure of where their friends have been teleported, and so decide to attempt to help rebuild the city.

✥ The remaining Lancers are encouraged, however, to continue their promised duty as 'Lancers'; defeat Leo. They travel to the Fusion Dimension and procure a speedboat. They rescue Gongenzaka, Sawatari, and Yuuya from pirate and eventually arrive on the island of Duel Academia. She, Reiji, and Sora charge ahead to the building itself, while the remaining duelists are directed to distract the soldiers that would have otherwise gotten in their way.

✥ Along the way, Reira and the others run into Yusho and Asuka-as well as Yuuri. Asuka and Sora lock themselves in the corridor with Yuuri so that the trio can still face off with Leo.

✥ Reira listens as Leo explains about the 'Original Dimension' then the history of Zarc and Ray. She becomes overwhelmed by the growing anger and darkness Zarc's counterparts are releasing into the air. The pressure of Yuuya going berserk under Zarc's darkness finally causes her to pass out, remaining that way even after Yusho forces the duel to end via illegal card.

✥ Reira wakes after coming into contact with Ray's spirit; and when she does, insists to Reiji that Ray wants to be revived in order to stop Zarc. The two argue about the matter, before Reira finally challenges her brother to a duel, with Ray's spirit at her side. Reira nearly beats him, but Reiji manages to win.

✥ Yuuri arrives through a broken wall and the two watch Yusho’s duel with Yuuri. It calms Yuuya, but Yusho is defeated in the end. Yuuya (merged with Yuto’s spirit) steps up to face Yuuri (merged with Yuugo) and defeats him, but Reira thus watches in horror alongside everyone else as Zarc's desires overwhelm Yuuya into assimilating the other counterpart and once more to become the 'Supreme King Dragon Zarc'.

✥ Reira manages to feel the presence of Ray again, and hears her voice as the attack begins; confirming with Reiji that Leo is still inside Academia, she rushes inside in order to find them, with Reiji forced to follow after.

✥ Leo intends to use the four cards that Ray used against Zarc, to redivide the dimensions; Reira begs for Reiji to save Leo to that end, claiming that if Leo truly succeeds in sacrificing himself, it won't make Reiji happy. Ray calls Reira to Arc-V, where the girl enters and meets with Ray's spirit. In order to bring Ray to Zarc, Reira tells her to use her body, and possess it.

✥ They move to face Zarc. Reira throws aside her hooded jacket and cap to reveal her hair and face in full, as well as Ray's presence. Together they manage to bring the 'Natural Energy Cards' Leo attempted to activate back onto the field. Yuzu from within Ray pleads for Yuuya to reawaken from within Zarc. He does and the Natural Energy cards are used defeat Zarc just as they had before.

✥ Reira however, insists that she will not allow Zarc to simply split into four with the boys again. While the four boys will exist, Reira forces Ray out and seals Zarc within herself instead, in order to house and be reborn with it when the dimensions re-settle into four.

✥ In canon, Reira succeeds; as the dimensions were already still divided when the duel ended, Reira is reborn an infant, but does not split into pieces, and more importantly, holds Zarc's soul deep within her own. Reira's canon point however is such that while she has successfully trapped Zarc within herself, she has not yet been reborn...

....The Joyous Order hit the Jackpot, apparently. But at least that means Reira has some nifty bracelets.

Character Personality: Reira's character arc in Arc V is a subtle one to start, heralded by the gentle surprise of an existing backstory, and then the strong astonishment of it being taken seriously. Initially assumed to be a frightened and shy child, it turns out that Reira carried far more weight than that in their past; in fact, due to Reira's background, she suffered from severe PTSD, displaying the 'Fawn' and 'Freeze' characteristics of child abuse. She was someone who, for the sake of protecting herself, came to 'forget' emotion, to forget what she desired. If she could carry out the commands of others, and stay alive, that was all that mattered, and this state left her in a perpetually dull-or at best frightened-state of mind.

Interaction with her adoptive brother Reiji, as well as Reiji's Lancers however, allow Reira to begin opening up. They teach her that not everything is 'orders', that it is okay to want things, and pursue those things. A key example of this is when Reira fearfully refuse to duel someone who gave her candy earlier in the series-Reiji has Tsukikage duel in her place, and Reira ends up frantically chasing after Reiji, pleading that she would do whatever he asked, if he could only not be upset with her. Reiji insisted that he was proud however-resulting in Reira's second canon smile in the entire series to that point.

Re-developing a sense of emotions was a rocky road for Reira of course. For a time she was severely jealous of Tsukikage, perceiving him as 'more important' than her to Reiji. After hearing Jack Atlas' words on chasing after what one desires and not giving up however, and after witnessing more duels on the race track, Reira comes to realize where such thoughts of jealousy were wrong. There is a constant back and forth that always ends in one thing. No matter how terrified or reactionary her PTSD episodes leave her, Reira wishes to do the right thing. She loves her brother-and she comes to love Yuuya and the others as well steadily gaining courage to face her enemies and block out the flashbacks of PTSD.

And she would do anything for her friends, now.

At the end of the series, Reira notably mirrors to an extent, how the character has developed in other games I have played in. Reira doesn't quite open up entirely, of course-but she begins to assert herself, and her beliefs, smiling and cheering more openly, but more importantly coming to recognize where a great sacrifice is necessary. Reira is, and always has been, an Empath. She is highly sensitive to the darkness in Zarc's heart, but more importantly, to the voice of Ray within 'ARC-V', and her trust in this voice propels her to chase after possibly the most difficult decision she's ever made. Throughout the series, Reira was defined by following Reiji. At the end, Reira makes the stand and choice to help Ray to stop Zarc for good by not only fighting Reiji, but defying the wills of nearly everyone present. It is fortunate that Reiji accepts this reality-it enforces what Reira is coming to know and realize, that a sense of self, and a sense of 'rebellion' for what they believe is right, is acceptable.

It costs Reira her life, as she tells Ray to use her body in the fight against Zarc, and then in the final moment as Ray is forced to return to ARC-V, use her body again to seal Zarc within her for good.

Wild ride that it is, over all, Reira is a quiet young girl, observant and intelligent where others have failed due to mistrust. For all that she seemed wary at the start of the series, Reira is capable of great trust, able to sense the good in others, and open herself to them in turn. Thanks to the coaxing of her brother and friends, she is more importantly beginning to harden her will to do good. To keep them safe, to keep their families safe, and to share 'smiles' and 'joy' with others, as Yuuya in particular so believed. Her fear for standing up for herself lingers, but only barely, as evidenced by the symbolic casting aside of her coat and hat. No more does she hide; instead, she stands and fights for what represents hope, and life, and love. ...Even if it costs her existence.

At the core, she is perhaps too kind. Reira did not hesitate to allow Ray into her body. She did not hesitate to seal Zarc, surprising even Ray-these decisions were her own, and she was aware of the consequences of 'rebirth'. It is perhaps likely she was aware the entire time, given her increasingly insisting words to Reiji that Ray was his real sister, and that he needed to forgive Leo (Reiji's father) for his actions. Once Reira was gone, Leo and Himika would be Reiji's family again, after all.

And Reira in the end, would far rather forgivness prevail, than subject others to the fear and lonliness she once dealt with.

BONUS: As Reira sealed Zarc inside herself before coming in, and Zarc is under typical circumstances 'inappable', here's a little bit on Reira's 'hitchhiker'!

Reira sealed Zarc within her body in canon, and beyond her canon point that soul is Very Much still there. They're trying to put it to rest now. Zarc however, is the originator of the boys Yuuya, Yuuto, Yuugo, and Yuuri; once a duelist who could speak to the spirits of duel monsters, and someone with desires as pure as Yuuya's own, a series of events would fling Zarc into crushing insanity, a great craving for power to satisfy himself where it could not. As Zarc dueled in the great battle at the end of the series, it is revealed that more than just going mad over appeasing a blood thirsty crowd, Zarc inherited the rage of the monsters he took with him when he merged his entire being with the dragons. He desires nothing more than the destruction of the world, and actively pursued it, his eyes set on nothing but becoming the ultimate thing in existence-the absolute 'ruler' and 'champion' of the razed land... 'As (the audience) demands'. To that end, he fears loss (and Death) above anything, childishly flying into rage when such a matter is brought to his attention.

Tl;dr audience cheers over him shedding blood, Zarc tries to ramp up the violence, dragons get upset, Zarc is already too lost in making a happy audience to notice, and now ZarcDragons becomes the ultimate in 'ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!!?!!1!'

Noted Abilities: Reira retains a few abilities and objects coming in. First, her duel disk, which can project an action field and solid holograms; these are however, incapable of dealing actual damage. The 'En' Cards used to seal Zarc away have become one with her via the Four Bracelets, which will merge into her arm upon arrival. (It's ~Symbolic~)

Reira is a strong empath, sensitive to the darkness of negative emotions in particular, but also able to hear powerful spirits where others cannot. It is something limited to actual range however, much like a voice over the radio.

From Zarc, Reira inherits the ability to speak with Duel Spirits...but this isn't likely to do much, since chances are when your monsters are things like living swords and armor sets, they don't have much to say.

Monster Assignment: PLAYER PICK: Celestial
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Castle Exterior
Upper Hall
Living Areas
Tower Bedrooms

Formerly belonging to a number of others within Ryslig, the various hands it passed through each vanished until the castle itself seemed to vanish from the world as well. Standing some distance from the shore of Lake Dala in the middle of the water, the bridge that once led to it has even crumbled due to various events, most notably including the heavy rainfall of recent months loosening the earth supporting its already fragile pillars; from there it only took one wrong move from some monsters before it collapsed into the pool below.

Since then, however, its alternate entrance has been discovered; bearing an undersea tunnel to its basement, the kelpies Reira and Ron have since claimed it as their 'club house' (though if some other waterborne or even airborne monster claimed it for themselves, they would not likely argue). For the moment, the structure has little to lend to this fact; a few toys have been brought in, and the start of seashell collections and such, but otherwise much of what is inside the castle is the same as when it belonged to the original owners.

The Basement, compared to the rest of the castle, is quite large. Bearing many pillars to support the upper levels, much of it is water and 'shore', with just enough area that the beginnings of a laboratory had been started. The stairs leading upward can be found here, and they appear to take one into the main castle building, from which one can access the main floor, courtyard, and upper areas.

From the Courtyard in particular, the ruinous stump that is the bridge can be seen. Windows from the rooms nearby overlook this area, and thanks to a lack of attention, the foilage here has become overgrown and untamed-leading to only more wear and age on the already waterdamaged building.

Inside the building's Main Floor itself, there are a number of rooms with relatively destroyed furnishings and ruined wallpaper scraps. Some show evidence that they were being repurposed into living areas; others in particular have been made into more elaborate forts by the boys, creating various chair and desk tents that they crawl around with relative ease next to the adults. There is also, most notably, a kitchen; though the old-style ovens and fire bits have definitely not seen use for some time, same as the water pump (which currently spews some sort of green sludge if someone attempts to use it).

Entering the Second Floor, there is access to a few bedrooms and likely living areas. Much like the ones below however, they're ruined beyond recognition, and while one may have been some sort of 'trophy' room with hunting prizes, what has been preserved there is still quite ruined by age, being dusted and browned on all edges. (The various displays of fencing frogs and otherwise accurately presented creatures of both mundane and abnormal origin however are nonetheless still 'cool' to look at, even if it looks like someone may have messed up a few times with the stuffing process)

Towers face the opposite end of the courtyard, flanking the bridge stump. Since there are two, the boys have rather cleverly both claimed one for themselves-even if one of them prefers staying in the other's most of the time. Each tower contains a large bedroom itself, with windows facing the courtyard and only the courtyard. They also seem to have stairwells that immediately access the water, much like the castle basement, making immediate entry to one or the other quite easy.

There is no modern plumbing or electricity in the castle at the moment, however; lighting must be done with torches and lanterns, while the toilets are very much a straight-forward 'drop into the lake' matter (though thankfully there is still a pipe sending such things in a specific direction). Maybe it's a good thing the kitchen pump is backed up with algae.
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Wings ● A hold over from her time and purchase while a Wendigo, Reira has two large blue feathered wings on her back. Typically remaining folded, she sometimes uses them to give herself an extra boost on both land and under water, the resulting pressure from each flap propelling her greatly. These wings are present on all of her forms. After her trip to Lake Fors however, she had to regrow these wings within the Arcade; as a result, a large portion of them are made of metal, with feathers dangling off.

Thick, Seaweed-like Hair ● As a Kelpie, Reira's hair and wool grow relatively quick-however, it is also very seaweed like. Her wool in particular is a green coloured form of red algae-her hair, now able to remain long and moisturized outside of the water in the meantime, is actual sea grass, and even bears flowers in it at times.

Patterned & Tinted Skin ● Matching his hair, Reira's skin has taken a greenish tint, with a few lighter splotches over her body every now and then. This patterning and colour is matched by the short and 'grass-like' fur on her legs, which (like her hair) grows relatively quick. Shearing this fur, in fact, allows to make for very nice, and incredibly waterproof wool.

Thick Nails & Hooves ● Reira's legs are like Alpaca legs, and thus, she has hooves just as she did while a wendigo. Her finger nails however, are certainly not claws; while not normal, they are merely thicker, and darker, as if her fingers are 'hooved'. This is more evident in her Centaur form; where her fore-limbs and upper hands both become four to three fingered, with the final joint appearing to be 'hooved'.

Taller Stature & Gangling Limbs ● Reira is a full foot taller than he was as a wendigo, bringing her to an astonishing 5'6'' (and growing) in her typical form. Her height, curiously, does not change while a Centaur-but her anatomy is quite visibly 'stretched', with her torso barely appearing any longer than it originally did while her limbs are in contrast quite gangling.

Pointed Ears & Alpaca-like Features ● Reira's ears are pointed-but not only that, they are very long. Sitting where human ears would be, they flop downward like some young Alpaca's do, and are covered in the same grassy fuzz that her legs are. Aside from this, Reira has rather inhuman eyes, bearing not only a slightly elongated pupil, but impressively long lashes on top of that. Her nose, as well, is somewhat flattened, and occasionally she twitches it out of nervousness.

Sharp Needle-like Teeth & Heightened Senses ● Hidden within Reira's mouth are a set of incredibly sharp and needle-like teeth, easily able to tear and shred at prey; combined with this however, are fairly heightened senses. ...Or at least underwater. Above water, her hearing is quite good, with her ability to see in the dark not quite on par with her original wendigo self, but still better than they would have been as a human. Beneath the water it's much the same however, making it easy for Reira to navigate the depths.

Seaweed Tendrils & Sticking Skin ● Running down along her back and gradually growing longer until they hit the bottom, Reira has a large number of tendrils, almost like a mane. The clutch near the end are so long that they often coil into a 'tail' of sorts-but make no mistake. Once she's in her Centaur or Horse form, these tendrils are much more massive, and their prehensility can be used more effectively to ensare prey. (In her regular form, they're better off for mundane matters)

While her tendrils are a bit awkward to use in human form, they are not her only tool for drowning. Reira has a sticking skin, and if touched and shocked all in one go, whoever is touching will find themselves stuck! This stickiness is absent from her wings, and she can release the hold if calmed down.

Alpaca & Centaur Forms ● Reira is an 'alpaca kelpie', which allows her to take the form of a young alaca. She is faster in this form only due to the easier running gait-otherwise, it's not so much a travel as a typical state, one that she'll enter if considerably shocked as well.

Her other form however, is possibly her greatest form for traveling about, and one she's relatively comfortable in. Her centaur form is a true blend between her alpaca self and human self, with wool and tendrils crawling up her upper body like velvet. Her face is far more visibly changed in this state, and she can even bring her arms to he ground for a sprint.

(Affected) Mountain God Runes ● Reira took on runes from the Mountain Good while she was a wendigo, and as a kelpie they now appear either as a 'cutie mark' on her flank, or as strange runic swirls along her head, back, and tendrils (or both, in the case of centaur form). These runes appear as eye spots on her wings as well-and now, thanks to her alignment with the fourth, all of these runes are lit by fiber optic strands scattered in her hair, feathers, and 'seaweed'.

(Altered) Fog Form ● Thanks to her alignment with the Fourth God, Reira is able to control if she takes her Fog Form during fog days (generally opting not to). Originally, it would still trigger if she became especially fearful or angry, and when it did trigger, it was riddled with metal, fiber optic glow, and even telsa coil. A banner and pole speared through the chest and through a clock set over where a heart could be-but as Reira would be in a centaur form through the entire state, no lethal injury was sustained. While it looked like it hurt, it was apparently rather comfortable in actuality. Now however, her Fog Form has changed. What it has changed to is unknown however, and it seems even the trigger for it is different now...

Swimming Ability ● While she doesn't look it, Reira is able to swim impressively well despite being an alpaca; her ability is good. Breathing underwater not only allows her to wander through the depths of Ryslig, but it also allows her to better drown her victims.

Compelling Stare ● Similar to how she could freeze people with a look as a wendigo, Reira is able to look toward someone and compel them to come near to her. This doesn't work especially well on monsters, but it works phenomenally on humans at least.

Tier 1 Boon | Data Scramble ● A form of conversation protection that Reira can use while with a maximum of five people, with any more than this causing words to fuzz into static. While speaking with others, she can replace the sounds of their voices with the sounds of anything else around them-thus preventing anyone from listening in on them. The people she speaks with must be within five feet of her. The sounds she replaces them with must be within 25 feet however, and she cannot replace sounds with silence or white noise.

Tier 2 Boon | Into Foam ● A last ditch 'dodge', which resets her hunger count to near zero and risks throwing her into a fatal state of fatigue-Reira is able to reduce herself to a small pool of white foam and slime, even moving across the ground or water in this state. It lasts 5 minutes total-and because of what it does to her hunger, she must feed before using it again. It is otherwise unlimited in use however.

Tier 3 Boon | Swim With Me ● An ability that allows Reira to bring a single friend with her beneath the water for 4 full hours, without drowning them. In order to do so, they must either be tangled in her tendrils, or riding on her back. After 2 hours, the passenger will begin to feel fatigue; if 4 hours is reached and they are too far from the surface however, Reira will either have to feed off their energy for sustenance, or they will both simply die.

Tier 3 Immunity | Memory Restoration & Stopped Breath ● As a reward for turning her younger 'brother' away from the Fog, not only is Elias able to better protect her from losing her memories in death, but he has also granted her the ability to 'stop' her breath for 400ish minutes (approximately 7 hours). Doing so renders aerosol poisons almost entirely ineffective on her, and also allows her to go entirely silent while hiding.

Priest Boons | Time Stop, Network Link, & Proximity Insignia ● In return for bringing him two jars of fog and dirt from opposing Dysters respectively, Elias not only gave the boost of power necessary to coat Central Park in algae growth, but also named Reira one of his Priests (Or 'Priestess', as it were). As part of this, Reira has the ability to utilize the network with her mind, including photo and audio options-these aspects appear in slightly better, but still degraded quality. As well, Reira is able to freeze time for four minutes in a single instance, and only fellow fourth followers are immune. To that end, she has a marking akin to a glove across her left hand, which glows when other followers are near.

Hunger for Energy ● Reira feeds on Energy as a Kelpie, something she can do either by draining a victim of their water, or physically drowning them within the water. Se has a personal taste for human flesh still, so unfortunately she prefers the latter. As a whole, it takes one body every two weeks to sustain her; however, if she expends too much energy, she may need to eat sooner. Thanks to her involvement in the 4th God's rise to power during the Inquisition Event, Reira does not actually feel the need to eat; however, if she forgoes eating for longer than 8 weeks, she will starve to death and perish.

coinscurrent: 70 | spent: 470
☠ death countdeaths: 3
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● Death — Wendigo are undead, and Reira is no different. The first time he died (which counted for his change total), he simply experienced slow heart failure, passing in his 'sleep' beneath a tree. The second however (which is counted), he was swallowed whole by Hiro while the boy was a faerie--as a result, he soon became crushed under his own unintentional magic, and revived hours later in the fog as a Wendigo again.

● Elongated Fangs — As a Wendigo, Reira's incisors in particular are long and sharp; while all of his teeth leave a mark, his incisors are so large that his mouth has internally formed itself around them. Each one is over an inch long, and they're perfect for holding prey in place after he catches them.

● Clawed, padded hands — While teeth help, Reira's claws are vital for his skills as a hunter--as well as his desire to play. His hands are padded almost like a bear's, with large, thick claws at the end. These claws do not retract--and in fact the quick within them runs right near to the tip, making it difficult to get them any shorter than they already are. Despite this, Reira seems able to handle delicate actions with his hands very easily.

● Antlers — Where many wendigo have antlers bearing at least three points, if not a full rack, Reira's antlers are those of the Pudu deer; single spire growths that only sit a few inches long, these antlers are good for single strikes to the gut, but not much else! They won't be growing any larger either, nor will they ever gain additional points.

● Deer Ears/facial features — While most of his face remains his own, Reira bears a set of large furry deer ears which swivel toward most sounds that catch his attention. His nose is also padded similarly to a deer's now, but most notable are his tear ducts; pudu scent mark using tears, and Reira's ducts have changed accordingly, creating a very distinctive look to his eyes.

● Fur over Body — Aside from his face, as well as his throat, Reira is almost entirely covered in fur. This fur is largely brown, with an underside of cream, but it carries a 'chinchilla effect'. What this means is that much of the fur seems to gradiate, with the brown in particular showing off this effect. A pattern of cream and silver also runs over his arms and back however, blending with the 'fawn spots' he has all over it. This pattern is more obvious in the winter, when he has more fur over his body.

● Long tail, Thick mane — In addition to the thick fur covering him, Reira's hair has also become fur--silvery, with the same chinchilla effect, but far thicker and longer. This fur creates his mane, and it grows as far down as the middle of his back, between his wings and bone spikes. His tail is also incredibly long; longer than he is tall in fact, though it only exceeds this length by a few inches. The tail is fluffiest at the end, and it moves according to his emotions--but more chiefly, aids in balance while climbing, flying, or even running.

● Bone Spikes — While he formerly had an impressive set of them across his back, Reira's wings have since replaced most of them. Now, aside from the overgrowth of spikes from his spine, he also has rather impressive prongs coming out from his shoulders, near the neck; it is almost as if they are making up for his lack of antler points! Eeriely, it resembles a collar of bones.

● Hooved Feet — In addition to restructuring themselves more like a deer's legs, Reira now has feet replaced by hooves--technically standing on his toes now. It means no shoes, and Reira can't say that he minds!

● Golden Eyes — Reira's very eyes have changed colour, a feature more notable than even the slight widening of his irises. The gold, curiously, is the exact same shade that Shun Kurosaki's own eyes took; a brilliant colour that shines in the dark, creating an eerie effect when light hits at the wrong angle.

● Mountain Rune — Reira bears a rather curious set of runes which are difficult to notice; various locations over his body that would have lined up with medical sensors are marked with a circular patch of colour, with all of them connected by lines. In the darkness, if they have been exposed to enough light, they give off a faint glow--so faint that the human eye cannot detect it.

● Wings — Having enjoyed flight as a fairy, Reira requested wings of Tikbalang; as such, his former 'wing-like' bone spikes have been replaced with broad, enormous wings capable of carrying his weight through all forms. These wings resemble those of the goshawk, and allow for easy maneuvering through the woods that Reira so frequents. However, they are largely silver and blue in colour, even bearing spotting along certain parts of the back to match his fur. Alongside all of this, his mountain rune has spread to his wings; each one bears a large 'Eye' that is only ever clear in night.

● Increased Strength — As a monster, Reira's strength has increased significantly; while he certainly cannot face an adult monster on his own, he could easily battle with the average human, or even as many as four to five depending on their size and weight! At the least, he can lift a car (if he tries at any rate).

● Heightened Senses — Reira's senses have been improved across the board for the most part thanks to being a wendigo; scent, hearing, and even taste (though the latter just means he prefers meaty dishes). The best of all however are his eyes; sensitive to the slightest movement in the dark, he may not be able to see especially far, but he can certainly see everything around him in clearer detail than most any other.

● Paralyzing Stare — Wendigo have a unique ability, one which Reira has as well. By making eye contact, he uncontrollably instills a great amount of fear in the other until he blinks, locking the victim in place with cold terror.

● Immunity to Cold — Being corpses covered in fur, it isn't surprising that Reira is immune to the cold. While the cold brings no ill effects to him however, he still dislikes it quite a bit ('warm' is nice, 'cold' is 'empty'), which prompts him to seek the warmth out long before the cold.

● Icy Touch — An ability that Reira very rarely exhibits, his Icy Touch manifests largely in his feet and in his bite; aside from causing frostbite in a wound if he holds a bite for too long, ice also comes from beneath his feet if he stands still for a certain period of time. It also trails behind him while he runs, though this ability seems to only trigger while he is running.

● Hunger Cravings — Unlike most monsters, a hunger for human flesh is not the only hunger Reira experiences. While he requires the meat all the same, eating it at least twice a month, he in fact craves food constantly--a craving that can never be sated, in fact. For the most part, he eats other meats when he can, though he keeps loose record of portions and timing so that his starvation does not end up bloating him.

● Sunlight Weakness — While Reira's eyes are highly tuned to the darkness, it brings an incredible drawback with the sun; anything brighter than the light of dawn and dusk could potentially blind him, and strong streetlights are even painful to stare at. To counter this, Reira wears goggles, which allows him to wander about during the morning and afternoon hours; since they cannot prevent the searing pain of High Noon however, he tends to sleep through that period of time, also sleeping through the latest hours of the night. He is thus considered crepuscular.

● Silver & Fire Weakness — Wendigo are weak to silver much like weres are, but without blood to carry toxins along, the burning sensation it brings is far stronger. Prolonged contact causes first a rash, and then a serious rot that cannot be easily healed thanks to being undead! Fire however, is far worse; being too close leaves effects similar to a sunburn, and if Reira were to be set aflame, he could burn to ashes within mere moments!

● Pudu Deer Form — Matching the antlers upon his head, Reira is able to take the form of a tiny Pudu fawn--a creature no larger than a kitten. This deer has been nicknamed the 'Andean Mountain Goat' however; so not only is Reira able to run at remarkable speed like this, but he can climb in places where flying is otherwise impossible, just like when he's in normal form. His clothes are not lost when taking this form either, which makes switching shapes far easier now. While in this form, his eye-spots are still present on the wings, but his rune shifts to instead also show an eye similar to that of 'CC One-Eyed Past Eye' over his thigh.

● Fog Form — In stark contrast to his normal form, Reira's rarely seen Fog Form (as his alliance with the 4th God makes this an optional change) is nigh demonic. His mane thickens to the point where it could rival a lion's, and his tail gains a matching silver tip, with bone spikes even creating a sharp spur within it. The spikes on his back become wild and untamed, and come out from even his wings, which still manage to retain flight capability. The weight however forces him to slouch; so even while he gains a foot in height and an added point to his antlers, he still seems to stand at the same height as before. What stands out most however, is his face and pattern. His face itself extends into a full deer snout, with his teeth becoming too large for his mouth to remain closed. Instead of the playful mosaic he normally carries for patterning, his fur goes black and white over the face and middle, resembling a skeleton--a look that naturally draws the eye to his own in the fog, guaranteeing the paralyzing stare has some effect.

● Fourth-Alterations — As a loyal follower of the Fourth God, Elias attempted to try to remove the multitude of problems with Reira's Fog Form in addition to weakening its influence; he unfortunately had to 'trade off' as a result. While Reira does not take Fog Form as a requirement, he now takes it as he approaches a Berserk Point in his hunger, and the form itself has changed significantly; bearing metal plates and cogs to make his movement easier, as well as a ticking clock over where a once beating heart would have been.

● Cybernetic Appearance — As a symbol of his alliance to the 4th God, Reira's runes now resemble the very cables and sensors they represented; these cables are constantly aglow with a neon effect, though his fur tends to dampen the intensity of them.

● 4th Granted Ability (Minor): Vocal Mimicry — One of the abilities granted to Reira as a follower is the ability to mimic other voices, twisting sounds he has heard into new phrases. The downside is that a static-like effect occasionally comes over the voice, revealing it to be a possible false lure.

● 4th Granted Ability (Standard): Frost-Like — A powerful ability, Reira is able to take the form of an icy wind, and even move about while doing so; however, he cannot take things with him, and worst of all, the combined energy it takes to perform this spell along with the immediate emptying of his stomach leave him on the brink of a Hunger Rage; if he does not eat within 24 hours of using this ability, he will enter a Berserk State. Additionally, he cannot re-use the ability until he has eaten.

● Adept Ability: Zombie Creation — Having ritualistically achieved Adept Status before the God's Reform of their gifts, Reira also has the ability to take a bite out of a freshly killed corpse and command it until the sun rises. This gives a total limit of approximately six hours, and while he does not have to kill the body himself, he has yet to use this ability. When time runs out, he feels impressively hungry.

coinscurrent: 100 | spent: 210
☠ death countdeaths: 2

1st changeHeart stops, now needs Flesh | June 28 2015
 Teeth & Antlers begin growth | June 29 2015
Hooves for feet

2nd changeTail begins growth; 6in long | July 14 2015
Teeth & Antlers still growing
Gains travel form; Pudu fawn | July 14 2015
(Takes form when startled)

3rd changeTail grows to full foot long | July 25 2015
Hair replaced by fur, leg
fur reaches knees
Legs more deer-like
Antlers velvet & full size
Teeth replaced, growing in
ears start to point
Cold immunity kicks in
 Velvet growth over deer ears | July 27 2015
Nails sharpen into claws,
grow along with other
Heightened senses start
to develop, as well as
silver weakness.
takes travel form when
alarmed, but controls
when to turn back.

4th changeTail grows to length of 2 ft | Aug. 14 2015
'Mane' grows 4+ inches,
fur reaches thighs
Legs now final shape
Antlers shed velvet
Fangs are now at full length
Ears fully deer-like
Senses heighten more
Night vision slightly improves,
eyes adjust slow to light
Pupils widen slightly
Claws grow swiftly
 Claws reach full length, and | Aug. 18 2015
Darken to solid black
Irises begin going gold
Silver weakness at peak
Begins controlling travel
form triggers
Hunting instinct begins,
in the form of 'play'

5th changeTail grows to length of 4 ft | Aug. 30 2015
'Mane' grows 4+ inches,
fur covers legs
Fur coats lower back
Hands are padded &
Forearms are furred
Ears gain mobility
Senses heighten more
Night vision greatly improves,
eyes sting in bright light
Antlers in full form
Bone growths come in
 Paralyzing Stare trait is in | Sept. 1 2015
Irises become half gold
Fire weakness begins
Near total control over travel
form triggers
Hunting instinct is strong,
able to catch small game

Last changeTail bulks up, +bone growths | Sep. 12 2015
Mane grows along back,
fur gains pattern
Eyes are 'Shun Gold' &
gain deer traits
Claws merge with fingers
Nose is deer-like
Senses & weaknesses
reach their peak;
sunlight forces Reira to
crepuscular habits
Prefers fresh, raw meats
 Bone growths trail down back | Sep. 12 2015
Fur covers whole body
Fire weakness begins
Absolute control over travel
form triggers
Hunting instinct is strong,
able to catch most game

Fog changeTail thickens, + silver tuft | Sep. 25 2015
Mane grows wild, +bones
Pelt gains skeletal pattern
Fangs grow larger,
becomes deer-headed
Claws extend considerably
Grows 1 foot taller
Antlers lengthen, &
become pronged
Transformation causes
fatigue and thus
added hunger
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Fusions will go here; note to self to account for gem ability fusions


Apr. 2nd, 2016 04:41 pm
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The neighborhood Kurt and Reira live in is considered a relatively 'safe' one as far as humans go; ordinarily this would make things a bit more awkward for monsters, but it seems that Kurt's immediately passive nature may have swayed the neighbors somewhat--useful, when a horseman decides to suddenly make your apartment building symmetrical instead of asymmetrical and blocks off someone's fancy penthouse balcony. It seems said neighbors are alarmingly fine with this however (likely because they have...Another. Balcony.); they in fact have set up a system to string a clothes line between the windows so that both sides can dry their laundry easier.
Kurt overall leaves a continually pleasant attitude in the building, and has a habit of joining in with the small parties hosted for the residents; whether or not the residents themselves are counting on him to keep other monsters at bay is unknown. As it is, these parties are generally hosted in the building's rec room, which is located on the main floor; other rooms down here are simply other apartment buildings, as well as the landlord's office. Originally the building, as noted above, was asymmetrical, with the landlord's own home forming a sort of penthouse at the top. The building itself is about 7 stories tall (not including the initial, department level), and the numbering system for apartments is...odd.

Rather than the expected system of Floor number-0-apartment number, apartments are instead numbered 'bottom to top' (so the lower apartments begin with 7, the second floor with 6, and so on). Since Kurt's apartment technically wasn't part of the initial plan, it thus takes a number according to the floor beneath it, which had five rather large apartments; '1-6' (or '16' as it is listed on the address boxes). The Landlord's apartment is simply numbered '0'.
Aside from the penthouse, the upper floor originally only had an elevator, as well as a staircase, which was formerly locked for safety reasons. Only the elevator needs a key now, while a gate has been set between the Landlord's apartment and the remaining hall; stairs to the roof are on the other side of this. Compared to Kurt's apartment, which was added to fill the small space this left on the otherwise asymmetrical building, the Landlord's apartment was quite large; double, if not more than double, the size, though considering the fact that he is a married man with children, this is likely understandable. As it is, it is implied that the penthouse has a back entrance, as there are occasions where the gate is left untouched for a number of days. (The gate as well is coated in silver; the landlord may say he trusts his neighbor, but safety comes first!)
At present, only the landlord has access to the roof. There really isn't anything up there anyway, though. ...Yet...

Kurt's apartment is a somewhat cramped space, made doubly so by the fact that both he and Reira are wendigo; for Kurt this means twisting his head awkwardly through each door, and fumbling with his legs, while Reira himself simply has less room to really move around (the advantages of being small). In order to have the space for a 'great room' (chairs, coffee table, etc), the kitchen counter has a small set of bar chairs along the side where the two eat. The apartment otherwise has a tiny storage area, small bedrooms for each, a washroom, and then finally a balcony from which they dry their laundry.
Since the apartment was 'commissioned' by Tikbalang, the interior design is needless to say...his choice. Curiously enough, the papering in Reira's room is still somewhat fitting, being covered with blue carousel horses. The papering in other rooms run from horse heads to strange spiralling patterns whose details are difficult to make out without staring for hours on end.

Only rooms without wallpaper along them are the back wall of the Kitchen--which is instead tile (some of which are marked with hooves), and the bathroom, which also has tile along the walls near the shower. The flooring in those rooms is tile as well; in the other rooms however, it is hardwood, which makes it a bit tricky to walk around (hooves do not have much traction on such smooth surfaces at all!!)
An unfortunate and unexpected backfire came with the apartment, one which didn't quite manifest until later, is the windows. The landlord prides his building's ability to give the tenants as much sun as they need, which means as many windows as is structurally sound. As Kurt and Reira are both Wendigo, this is an impressive issue; Tikbalang left them no curtains, which means that unless Kurt fixes this issue quick enough, they'll risk going entirely blind just by opening their eyes during the daylight hours.
As with most homes in Bavan, electricity runs through the apartment, along with plumbing. Water and power are thus both utilities that Kurt is required to pay to the Landlord, (with rent being another matter altogether). The pipes, thankfully, have no issue--though using the stove gets a bit tricky when it's open flame, and you are fatally weak to fire!!

Currently, while they have electricity, they do not have a television, or nearly as many lamps as noted on the floorplan; they do however, have a radio, which is often tuned into certain story-programs.

The entry to the apartment is curiously spacious to some perhaps, or at least until one actually sees the wendigo both standing there. The hall is thankfully wide enough for a naga to pass through, though really if you can't pass through that, you can't pass through the door. As both residents are wendigo of course, there is no shoe rack; there is, however, a bristle-hedgehog, which was given to them by one of the apartment residents as a move-in gift with the idea that they could use it to scrape off any grime from their hooves. (It works.)

In addition to the hedge hog, there is also a small coat-rack; once again, there is little here, save for raincoats for both, and eventually a winter coat for Reira, as both boys are immune to the cold (but in the case of the latter, still fond of heat).
The storage closet is a tiny room, which can barely be considered 'storage'. Inside there is a small washing machine which Kurt managed to scrape together the funds for, along with other cleaning tools such as a broom, mop, and vacuum (for rugs). Because of this however, Kurt has to essentially empty the closet in order to do laundry.
The second closet in the foyer is more likely intended to have been where coats ACTUALLY went, but Kurt instead uses it for other purposes; in addition to storing any spare linen for the bedrooms, it is where the vast majority of the fabrics for his side job are kept, stacked neatly and organized as best as possible. Towels, however, are kept in the bathroom..
Just barely large enough to perhaps sit a chair on the one side, the balcony is used mostly for laundry purposes; after the apartment appeared there, the Landlord created a deal with them, stringing a long clothes-line system between the two railings. As a result, they occasionally either gain or lose a shirt.


The washroom is a simple one, with the bare basics enclosed inside; there is a shower/bath off to the side, and across from the sink can be found a small closet, within which towels and other supplies such as for cleaning can be stored. Since Reira and Kurt are both furred, and Kurt in particular stands firmly by the idea of keeping clean, they go through a lot of shampoo to say the least.

Aside from everything, there is also a small stool folded beside the sink, which Reira uses to be able to use it and see in the mirror.
The kitchen is somewhat narrowly fashioned, with things arranged such that it is impossible to walk around anything when the oven door is open; there are a number of cabinets within the tiled area of the room thankfully, and the sink is just large enough that a large pot can be set inside for washing (though it is still quite awkward).

The counter with the sink built into it is wider than normal however, as it is also what serves as the kitchen table. On the wood portion of the 'kitchen', there are three bar-chairs lined up along the counter, where people can sit and eat. Rather unfortunately, as with most any area of the house, there is a window shining directly onto said counter--and the glass balcony door is just behind them.
Attached to the kitchen, the great room is by far the most well lit room in the apartment, much to Kurt's eventual chagrin. It is loosely furnished when the apartment is first acquired--there is a loveseat, and two matching chairs, both patterned with a design of plants which rather curiously resemble horsetail grass. There is also a tall radio, which stands between the doors to Reira and Kurt's rooms, and behind the loveseat is a desk and chair where Kurt is able to do much of his sewing work (most particularly after he gets a sewing machine.

Eventually there is also a floor rug, a coffee table, a number of lamps, and a television here as well, along with a small bookshelf.

Kurt's bedroom is patterned with another curious and unknown wallpaper, and rather unfortunately for him is also the bedroom with the most windows. It came with a cushioned bench in one of the corners, with shelves in the base--the bench being built in completely. Aside from that, he has his bed, wardrobe for clothes, and a small dressing table/desk with a stool, where paper work and such is often done if he wants Reira to be unaware of his actions. There is also a side table, and eventually an accompanying lamp; though there is not much room to store anything on it.
Reira's room is about as large as Kurt's, with half the risk--literally, it has half as many windows thanks to the fortunate fact that it is located between Kurt's room and the washroom (Though the washroom itself still remains the only room in the apartment without windows). Inside Reira's room is much the same furnishings as in Kurt's; there is a wardrobe, a dressing table/desk with accompanying stool, and a small side table with a lamp. Reira's bed however is far smaller than Kurt's, as the boy will never have need for anything larger than a child's bed. It has also been curtained; both beds are four posters. Additionally, instead of a corner bench as in Kurt's room, Reira's room has a rocking chair in the corner, and Kurt often finds himself falling asleep there when trying to keep an eye on Reira.
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CONTACT INFORMATION [ profile] usagisquared
CHARACTER NAME Reira Akaba (soft_focus & blurspot, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V)
Age 7 (Technically 8)
Gem Blue Chalcedony, located between her shoulders at her back, visible through burnt hole in sweater.
Current Appearance & Poof Count 2 (Image Missing)
Permissions Grabbing the child and carrying her around is fine, same as meta limited to recognition of the Duel Monsters card game. If any violence is going to be had, I would rather plan that out and discuss it first however.
NOTES Reira's ability is to mirror and/or negate a power at random by meeting a certain eye with her own and blinking; for each power she has negated or copied (limit 1 each), a clone can be created to fight for her, or fuse with her to act as armor. If you would rather a certain ability not be copied or negated at any time, and if you have preferences concerning the fusion and cloning aspect of her ability, please note it in a comment below!
FURTHER WARNINGS: Reira comes from a heavily traumatic background involving a severe war zone where she was orphaned at an unknown age. She canonically has experienced flashbacks as a likely side effect of PTSD, locking up and 'losing himself'. Her formerly 'dull' demeanor is a likely symptom of this. As it is possible that this will come up in play, if there are concerns and desires to avoid such mentions or implications, feel free to let me know here.
At this time, known symptoms of an attack as experienced by Reira include: Hyperventilation, shock, hallucination, and overwhelming fear/anxiety-a potential symptom may additionally include confusion.
Currently it requires a heavy amount of mental and physical stress to bring the risk of a trigger; Reira will naturally become nervous as topics akin to what she remembers come forward, but in order to spark an actual attack she must feel she is in actual danger. The canon trigger thus far is the approaching attack of three masked figures; therefore, it can be assumed that similar attacks would cause this reaction.
Breaking down doorways, as well as the sound of tanks and bombshell fire, could potentially contribute, but will be a more vague possibility (Read: it is entirely up to other parties involved in a thread).
Given the above traumas, it is not unlikely that she could suffer from nightmares and/or night terrors relating to the events of her past.
    Shapeshifting; limited to objects and creatures she has seen, still retains her brother's scarf in the shape taken.

    Weapon Generation: 'Camera Glove' (Copies a single weapon at a time; this weapon is identical to the original in almost every way, but is somewhat weaker, and lacks a 'trained hand' to hold it. In the absence of a Gem's weapon, it can copy up to two material objects in the surroundings to form a weapon according to her mental focus.)

    ☆ 'Photocopy' - By focusing her energy into a blank piece of card at any size, she can fill it with the still image of whatever she can remember; this is limited by the size of the card, as the more detail she tries to input at once, the hazier the image...likewise, the larger the scale of the image, the more that becomes lost to detail.

    ☆ 'Blink' - By making eye contact with the left eye, Reira copies a power at random. Notably, she does not copy any skill with this power. This lasts for 24 hours, or until she blinks another (including the first player).

    ☆ 'Wink' - By making eye contact with the right eye, Reira negates a power at random. Notably, this does not reverse any changes already made by certain abilities. This lasts for 24 hours, or until she 'winks' another (including the first player).

    ☆ 'Clone Spawning' - According to any gem she has presently blinked or winked, a clone may be created; this clone is dedicated to Reira's safety, and will fight for her cause, even fusing with her to further protect her.
    In addition to cloning gems she has winked, Reira is alternatively able to spawn up to the number of 'unblinked' gems, a clone of her own self (So either 1:1 or 2:0). These clones, instead of obtaining her weapon as any blinked one will, instead carry the spindash ability. Current Hit Limit: 'Fatal Strike'
    ☆☆ 'Mirror Mirror' - Reira is able to view, through the associated eye, whatever her clones are able to see. If this ability is in use for both clones, her gem acts as a '3rd eye' for her personal surroundings

    ☆ 'Spindash' - Curling into a ball, much like the typical battle-borne quartz, Reira is able to rotate at high speed and charge with great force, rather like a thrown wheel. A spindash moves quickly enough that it can even move up walls, though she'll need to practice in order to reach this point.

code modified from [community profile] cawaii's original
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Bucky said a handler is someone who you're loyal to, that's really strong. Since loyal means someone you trust, that means Niisama is probably mine, right? Niisama isn't here, but if he isn't there I'm supposed to listen to what the Lancers say, and if the Lancers aren't there, I listen to these people instead, since I live with them right now. So that makes them handlers too, I think.


Even though they aren't the ones I'm supposed to listen to, a lot of these people helped me before. I also see some of them a lot, so if I have to, I'm okay with listening to them too.

I didn't talk to these people very much, but I know their names. I will probably talk to them more some other day, maybe.


I've seen these ones before, but I don't know who they are, not really. Maybe I can ask later.

People I don't like at all... ...Also people that I've been told to stay away from. ...There's only one right now...

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*** CCC-REDHORSE has joined
<CCC-REDHORSE>I've set up this inbox so that Reira can receive messages.
<CCC-REDHORSE>You can leave messages for him here and he'll be able to see them!
<CCC-REDHORSE>From now on, any message from "Redhorse" is Reira speaking.
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 • Reira & Tsukikage go shopping together.    Tsukikage
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Tsukikage meets Robb, with Reira Oct 17 | 2015Bavan Robb Stark & Tsukikage
Changes hit on the mountain! FAERIE! Oct 19 | 2015Plaga's Peak  
 • Vanitas tries to eat Reira.    Vanitas
 • Blues catches Reira, and his things too    Blues
Yuuya needs pants. Oct 19 | 2015Plaga's Peak Yuuya Sakaki
Reira warns Shingo about the holes Oct 19 | 2015Network Shingo Sawatari
One faerie catches another! Oct 19 | 2015Plaga's Peak Newt
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Reira flies through Amethyst! Oct 19 | 2015Plaga's Peak Amethyst
Yuuto gives Reira his cape to stay warm Oct 19 | 2015Plaga's Peak Yuuto
Reira meets Enjolras once again Oct 19 | 2015Plaga's Peak Enjolras
Card House Camping Time! Oct 26 | 2015Tunn Island  
 • Reira discovers a mouth on his middle.    Tsukikage
 • Shingo catches Reira in his web    Shingo Sawatari
 • Reira learns more flight control from Shun    Shun Kurosaki
Reira teaches Yuuto how to fly as a bat Oct 26 | 2015Tunn Island Yuuto
Jack the snake meets Reira's middle Oct 27 | 2015Tunn Island Yuugo
Reira finds that Bucky & Tsukikage already met Oct 30 | 2015Bavan Tsukikage & Bucky
Tsukikage's final changes bring Reira adept status Nov 5 | 2015Reira's Home Tsukikage &Kurt
Reira talks about those who are 'gone' Nov 10 | 2015Network Lars
Blue gets advice on hiding Nov 11 | 2015Network Blue
Reira talks about gods Nov 15 | 2015Network Raphael
Reira talks about gods Nov 15 | 2015Bavan Woods Elsa
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* FOURTH-WALLING -- Rather not, she's got enough brainbreak to deal with
* BACKTAGGING -- Perfectly fine! Threadhops are also ok if all involved agree!

* HUGGING/GRABBING -- She's nine and kinda frail so while she might protest lightly, it's not like much is stopping you other than her being 5'6'' now. THAT SAID.
* INJURY -- PM first if it goes beyond minor cuts and scrapes (so like broken bones or leeched energy). Goes without saying that any actual dying means heavy plotting.
* MIND READING/SIMILAR -- Reira has information revealed about her history that may be triggering in many ways, so it would be best to send a message before such techniques, so that things can better be worked out.
* ROMANCE -- She's nine at the moment, but if you're in her age window and just want to hold hands and hug, go for it?


As noted above, Reira has what may be a very triggering background, having lived in the core of a warzone from birth until just recently in her series. It should not come up, but if there are concerns even so, let me know.

Specific details on this matter include a risk of PTSD episodes; these would be triggered more often than not by the sounds of gunfire, presence of riot, etc. In the case of more environmental triggers (gunfire, sounds of explosion), as well as times of increased stress in response to violence, Reira's response is typically to panic, hyperventilating and freezing.

However, in the case of riots, and indeed moments of any conflict that could cause her to panic thanks to her Rysling experience, Reira may also charge, resorting to violence. While she has come to overcome many of these issues over time, there is still a risk of her being triggered, so please tread lightly and speak up if you wish to avoid these situations entirely.

Do you have questions or concerns about Reira's character? Potential squicks or phobias you wish to address so that they're avoided in the future? Leave a comment here, and I'll make sure to keep that in mind.

Additionally, if you wish to do some plotting beyond game events, you can leave a note here for that as well. Just leave a comment below, and I'll get to it ASAP!

Please note that this page will be updated as Reira's location, appearance, and deity alliance change.
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